Public Hearing Notice Updates

Meeting TypeHearing DateProject DescriptionLinkFile Link
City Council06/19/2018Timber Creek Recycling H-2018-0042: For Amendment to the Development Agreement to include the following : expansion of the existing recycling business to allow a commercial composting component; recycling of additional materials (i.e. food waste, garden waste, demolition debris, and other materials in the same category); utilization of equipment (i.e. loaders, excavators, conveyors, trommels , hopper boxes , air systems/compressors, generators, windrower, crusher, grinder, watering trucks , loaders, graders, tractors with implements, fork lifts and other heavy equipment) and activities (i.e. crushing, grinding , screening, windrowing, unloading/unloading trucks , etc.) necessary for composting; modification of the property to include a weather station, scale house, bathroom with a septic system, storage shed (approximately 40' x 8'), leaching ponds and berms; parking of delivery trucks and heavy equipment; and marketing and sale of processed recycling materials including but not limited to mulch, compost, bark, playground chips, sand, stone, etc. located at 7695 S. Locust Grove Rd.Application Materials
City Council06/19/2018Entrata Farms H-2018-0032: For Annexation and Zoning of 19.07 acres of land with an R-40 zoning district; Preliminary Plat consisting of 60 building lots and 3 common lots on 18.18 acres of land in the R-40 zoning district; and Conditional Use Permit for a multi-family development consisting of 278 dwelling units in an R-40 zoning district located at 3880 & 3882 W. Franklin Rd.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning06/21/2018Graycliff Estates H-2018-0054: For Preliminary Plat consisting of 136 building lots and 9 common lots on 52.46 acres of land in the R-8 and R-40 zoning districts; and Development Agreement Modification to reflect an increase in the number of building lots and change in open space consistent with the proposed preliminary plat located west of S. Meridian Rd/S.H. 69 on the south side of W. Harris St.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning06/21/2018Keep Subdivision H-2018-0043: For Annexation and Zoning of 60.55 acres of land to the R-8 and R-2 zoning districts (7.07 to R-8 and 53.47 to R-2); and a Preliminary Plat consisting of 59 single family residential lots and 10 common lots on approximately 53.47 acres in the proposed R-2 and R-8 zoning districts located at the Southwest Corner of E. Lake Hazel Rd. and S. Eagle Rd.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning06/21/2018Cherry Blossom Subdivision H-2018-0018, Continued from April 19, May 17, 2018 For: Rezone of 10.74 acres of land from the R-4 to the R-8 Zoning District; and Preliminary Plat consisting of 60 building lots and 10 common lots on 10.25 acres of land in the proposed R-8 zoning district located at 615 W. Cherry Ln.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning06/21/2018Sodalicious H-2018-0046: For Annexation and Zoning of 0.36 of an acre of land from the RUT to the C-G zoning district, located at 1035 E. Fairview Ave.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning06/21/2018Compass Charter School H-2018-0048: For Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map to change the land use designation from Medium-High Density Residential and Park, to Mixed Employment; and Annexation and Zoning of 21.93 acres of land from the RUT to the ME (Mixed Employment) zoning district, located near the northeast corner of W. Franklin Rd. and S. Black Cat Rd.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/12/2018Bainbridge Franklin H-2018-0057: For Annexation and Zoning of 3.68 Acres of Land with a C-G Zoning District located at 2075 and 2155 W. Franklin Rd.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/12/2018Creamline Park H-2018-0051: For Amendment to the the Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map to Change the Land Use Designation on 8.06 Acres of Land from Mixed Use - Community to Industrial; and Rezone of 8.74 Acres of Land from the C-G to the I-L Zoning District, located at 1480 W. Franklin Rd (Lots 1, 2, 9, and 10, Block 1, Creamline Park Subdivision).Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/12/2018Fairbourne Subdivision H-2018-0052: For Rezone of a Portion of Property from R-15 (9.71 Acres), R-8 (39.71 Acres), and C-C (19.48 Acres) to R-8 (62.41 Acres) and C-C (6.48 Acres); and Preliminary Plat Consisting of 176 Building Lots and 26 Common Lots on 66.35 Acres of Land in a Proposed R-8 and C-C Zoning Districts; and To be Removed from an Existing Development Agreement and to be Placed in a New, Separate Agreement, located at the Northwest Corner of W. Chinden Blvd. and N. Black Cat Rd.Application Materials