Awarded Solicitations

If you are seeking additional information regarding any bid, RFP, or RFQ, you may request that information via a “Public Records Request”. A Public Records Request can be done in person at the City Clerk’s Office or you may request the information online.


Solicitation #TitleDue DateTypeDate AwardedAwarded ToAmount 
WTR-1914-11020UCMR4 Sampling1/4/2019RFQ3/19/19Eurofins Eaton Analytical$21,924.00
CD-1860-10970Mechanical Inspection & Plan Review Services10/26/2018RFQ10/31/2018Safebuilt, LLC$25,000.00
PW-1918-10641.cWell 28 Water Treatment Facility - Construction3/12/2019BID4/9/2019Irminger Construction$944,519.00
PW-1922-10919.aSCADA Controls Upgrades - PRVs 22, 31, & 324/17/19BID5/7/19Challenger Companies, Inc.$79,400
PKS-1920-10120.gSettlers Park Well ReplacementApril 5, 2019BIDMay 7, 2019Coonse Well Drilling137,996.71
PW-1916-10631.cWater Main Extension at Victory & Ten MileMarch 4, 2019BID3/19/19Cougar Excavation, LLC$1,151,519.56
PW-1915-10916.b.1Sewer Line Point RepairsJanuary 23, 2019BIDFebruary 26, 2019L2 Excavation, LLC$221,206.00
FD-1913-11019Fire Station Exhaust Removal SystemDecember 28, 2018RFPFebruary 26, 2019Weidner Fire$187,569.04
PW-1911-10782.bSouth Meridian Linder Trunk ExtensionDecember 10, 2018BIDDecember 18, 2018Granite Excavation, Inc.$1,680,204.25
WTR-1910-10953Annual Non-Micro Water TestingDecember 3, 2018RFQPending Council ApprovalEurofins Eaton Analytical, LLC$280,000.00
CW-1858-10966.aProfessional A&E Services Roster for Projects over $25000 7A & ABNovember 9, 2018RFQDecember 4, 2018Category 7A Electrical Engineering - Bowen Collins, CH2M Hill, DC Engineering 7B SCADA - Advanced Control Systems, CH2M 
PW-1855-10898Phase 2 Residential Intersection Street Lighting ImprovementsSeptember 6, 2018BIDSeptember 27, 2018Quality Electric, Inc.$49,510.00
PW-1902-10135.d-10574.bWater and Sewer Main Replacement - Gregory Lift Station and W Washington/W CarltonNovember 5, 2018BidNovember 27, 2018Knife River$1,518,153.00
PW-1904-10967Digester 5 CleaningOctober 29, 2018Bid5/7/2019Golden Enviro, LLC$109,842.00
FD-1842-10929Fire SCBA EquipmentJune 1, 2018IFBJune 14, 2018Fisher Scientific59,611.06
PW-1843-10746PRV's 14 & 18 Control Systems UpgradeJune 4, 2018IFBJune 28, 2018AME ELECTRIC58,400.00
PW-1845-10015.BWell 33 Test Well ConstructionJune 25, 2018IFBJuly 19, 2018Post Drilling344,990.00
PW-1846-10015.BTen Mile Street Light Construction EnhancementJune 26, 2018IFBJuly 17, 2018Alloway Electric Co.18,130.00