Public Hearing Notices


2024 Meeting Schedule


These notices are a courtesy and are not official until they are published in the newspaper of record.
Hearing Dates are subject to change. Official notices are published in The Idaho Press at least ten days prior to the date of Public Hearing.

Meeting TypeHearing DateProject DescriptionLinkFile Link
City Council07/09/2024Rosalyn Subdivision H-2023-0056: For an Annexation of a 0.014-acre of land from RUT In Ada County to the R-8 zoning district, including the remaining portion of the E. Rosalyn Street cul-de-sac right-of-way, and a Combined Preliminary/Final Plat consisting of 6 residential building lots and 1 common lot on 0.733 acres in the R-8 zoning district, located at 200 E. Rosalyn Dr. Applicant: Givens Pursley, LLP. Continued from May 14, 2024.Application Materials
City Council07/09/2024Vanguard Village Subdivision H-2023-0074: Modified Development Agreement to amend the existing development agreement (H-2021-0081 Inst.#2022-049799) to clarify the uses allowed in the M-E zone; update the phasing plan, include an alternative design and development guidelines for distribution & light manufacturing area (i.e. warehouse and light industry uses) with conceptual elevations and other miscellaneous changes, located at 1085 S. Ten Mile Rd. Applicant: Adler IndustrialApplication Materials
City Council07/09/2024Two Mustard Seeds Women's Resale Shop H-2024-0009: Rezone of 0.63 acres of land from the R-8 zoning district to the O-T zoning district for the purpose of converting the existing home into a women's resale retail store, located at 817 N. Meridian Rd. Applicant: Arlene Hardy, Expansion InternationalApplication Materials
Planning and Zoning07/18/2024Blayden Subdivision H-2023-0043: For an Annexation of 38.58-acres of land with R-8 (5.90), R-15 (1.83-acres), R-40 (16.71-acres) and C-G (14.15-acres) zoning districts; Conditional Use Permit for a multi-family development consisting of 312 dwelling units on 16.71-acres of land in the R-40 zoning district; and Preliminary Plat consisting of 15 building lots, 7 common lots, 1 drive/parking lot and 3 other lots for future development on 35.29-acres of land in the R-8, R-15, R-40 and C-G zoning districts , located at South side of W. Chinden Blvd. and west side of N. Black Cat Rd. Applicant: Bailey Engineering Continued from June 20, 2024.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/18/2024The Gateway at 10 Mile H-2024-0010: Conditional Use Permit for 390 multi-family units in the R-40 zoning district and a Preliminary Plat consisting of 31 buildable lots and 3 common lots on 38.99 acres of land zoned C-G and R-40, located at NE corner of W. Franklin and N. Ten Mile Rd. Applicant: KM Engineering, LLP. Continued from June 6, 2024.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/18/2024Firenze Plaza H-2024-0007: Modified Development Agreement to modify the existing development agreement (DA) (Inst.#2017-041827) to include new owner's information and revised concept plan for the four (4) commercial lots north of E. Mount Etna Dr. and a Conditional Use Permit for a 3,320 sq. ft. bank with a drive-through for an automatic teller machine (ATM), located at 3182 E. Mount Etna Dr. Applicant: Aaron Zuzack, Browman Development Company, Inc.Application Materials
Planning and Zoning07/18/2024The Bruery H-2024-0013: Conditional Use Permit to allow a drinking establishment occupying 1,829 sq. ft. within an existing 11,000 sq. ft. shell building in the Eagle View Retail East Building with 5,287 sq. ft. of fenced in outdoor patio area, located at 1184 S. Silverstone Way Applicant: Ball Ventures Ahlquist (BVA)Application Materials
Planning and Zoning08/01/2024TMW H-2024-0018: Conditional Use Permit for a warehouse/distribution uses on 15.97 acres of land in the M-E zoning district, located at 1085 S. Ten Mile Rd. Applicant: Adler IndustrialApplication Materials
Planning and Zoning08/01/2024The Angels Home Childcare H-2024-0017: Conditional Use Permit for an in-home daycare for 6-12 children in the R-4 zoning district, located at 167 W. Indian Rocks St. Applicant: Desange MuhawenimanaApplication Materials
City Council08/13/2024Luna Hospice H-2024-0012: Annexation of 1.03 acres of land with a proposed R-8 zoning district and a Conditional Use Permit to operate a nursing or residential care facility consisting of a 14-bed hospice facility, located at 525 E. Overland Rd. Applicant: CivilSphere EngineeringApplication Materials
City Council08/13/2024UDC Text Amendment 2024 ZOA-2024-0001: to amend certain regulations and add new definitions, uses, figures and specific use standards throughout Chapters 1-5 of the City's Unified Development Code (UDC), Applicant: City of Meridian Planning DivisionApplication Materials
Planning and Zoning08/15/2024Rolling Hill H-2023-0070: Annexation of approximately 6.90 acres of land with an R-40 zoning distict and a Conditional Use Permit for a multi-family residential development consisting of 154 dwelling units on 5.89 acres of land in the R-40 zoning district, located at 1560 Rolling Hill Dr. Applicant: JD Planning and ConsultingApplication Materials