Pre-Application Meeting Form

Pre-application meetings are required prior to the submittal of any application that requires a public hearing and must be held no more than 4 months prior to application submittal.

This completed form must be submitted to the Planning Division at least 48 hours before your preferred meeting time. An Associate Planner will either phone or e-mail you to schedule a meeting time.

Pre-Application meeting dates: Tuesdays 9am - 11am; 2pm - 4pm and Thursdays 9am - 11am.

Projects that include annexation, rezone, subdivision, planned unit development, conditional use permit or development agreement modification requires a concept/site plan, plat and/or building elevations submitted with the request.


Project/Subdivision Name:

Site Information

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Number of Proposed Building lots:
Number of Units:
Current Zoning:
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Property Owner Contact Info

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Applicant/Representative Contact Info (if different)

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Type of Application


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Please upload a file containing the drawings/plans associated with this project (25 MB Limit)
*Note: If the file is too large to upload, please email the plans directly to the Associate Planner who schedules the meeting.

Note: A Traffic Impact Study (TIS) will be required by ACHD for large commercial projects and any residential development with over 100 units. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact & transmit the TIS to ACHD. To avoid unnecessary delays & expedite the hearing process, applicants are encouraged to submit the TIS to ACHD prior to submitting their application to the City. Not having ACHD comments and/or conditions on large projects may delay hearing(s) at the City. Please contact Mindy Wallace at 387-6178 or Christy little at 387-6144 at ACHD to determine if a TIS is required or for any questions in regard to ACHD conditions, impact fees and process.