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Current Employment Opportunities with the City of Meridian:

Job Title: Long-Range Planning Supervisor
Department: Community Development
Reports To: Deputy Director – Planning & Development
Open Date: September 19, 2023
Close Date: Open Until Filled, First Review Date October 9, 2023
Salary: $7,895.31 per month

Job Summary:
This advanced-level planning position involves overseeing the development and maintenance of the City’s long-range planning documents and associated activities, consistently and constantly advocating the vision of the City of Meridian as expressed through its Comprehensive Plan. Responsibilities include both performing directly and supervising staff that complete complex planning, mapping, agency coordination, addressing and transportation-related tasks and duties. The Long-Range Planning Supervisor coordinates with others to research, compile data and conduct land use plans and studies, including but not limited to: land use master plans, specific area plans, demographic analysis, design standards and other associated projects. The position responsibilities also include gaining public input and support for planning efforts, coordination of Geographic Information Systems data sets and maps, as well as making presentations to various Commissions and City Council.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Works independently and under the direction of the Deputy Director;

Supervises, trains and mentors long-range planning staff in the completion of assigned tasks related to planning, transportation, mapping, addressing and other assigned work;

Directs the initiation, amendment, and implementation of studies, reports and plans, such as the Comprehensive Plan and the Existing Conditions Report, the annual Land Use Report and specific area, transportation and demographic plans/studies;

Assists long-range planning staff in managing work flow, changes in processes and procedures and increasing responsibilities;

Engages with other division staff, design professionals, architects, engineers, developers, contractors, and others to discuss land use and development-related matters;

Represents the Mayor and Council at local and regional meetings;

Works independently with general direction from the Community Development Deputy Director;

Advises the Deputy Director on long-range planning, transportation and land development-related issues and policies;

Assists the Deputy Director in developing fiscal year budget request for the Long-Range Division;

Delegates tasks to subordinate staff, and establishes deadlines for such tasks;

Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with the Planning and Zoning Commission, Mayor, City Council members, other civic leaders such as the WASD Trustees, customers, state and federal authorities, other City departments, and local planning agencies;

Makes formal presentations to Commissions, City Council, boards, private groups, and public or quasi-public organizations in public venues;

Ability to read, interpret, and review site plans, topographic plans, landscape plans, and architectural plans and communicate needed changes and adjustments to plans;

Ability to use (maintain, recall, manipulate) ArcView software and associated databases and add-ons to support and supplement complex planning projects and answer technical questions related to the data;

Serves as a member of various external and internal committees as assigned to represent the City of Meridian’s vision, policies, and standards;

Ensures applications referred to the City by Ada County for compliance with Meridian Comprehensive Plan and/ or ordinances are reviewed and commented on;

Manages planning and transportation related contracts and agreements with other agencies;

Oversees the advertising, interviewing and on-boarding process for new, and the review process for existing, employees in the division;

Identifies and corrects potential conflicts before they become a problem;

Demonstrates positive, solution focused leadership through optimism, team discussions, decisiveness, and team decision making;

Maintains a positive attitude of cooperation in performance of work assignments, including adaptability, flexibility, proactive engagement with customers, clients and co-workers, problem solving, decision making, resiliency, organization and time management;

Provides outstanding customer service by communicating respect, being open-minded, having a spirit of collaboration, and calmly resolving conflict with individuals that may be upset or angry;

Develops and uses empathetic listening skills;

Demonstrates good judgment and initiative to interpret and apply City policies and procedures;

Provides excellent oral, written, and graphic communication with co-workers, clients and supervisor;

Collaborates with co-workers and other City staff to accomplish assigned tasks as a team;

Demonstrates integrity in the performance of assigned tasks;

Attends continued education conferences, workshops, and other training opportunities to remain current with planning and/or development trends;

Works with the Deputy Director on a training program for employees’ professional development;

Performs other duties as assigned or needed.

Job Specifications:
Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning, Geography or a related field; four (4) years of relevant experience in the field of community development, and/or land use and/or transportation planning; or any combination of experience or training which provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the work required, (demonstrated by work and educational history);

American Institute of Certified Planning (AICP) certification is required;

A Master’s degree in planning or a related field is preferred.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Working knowledge of principles and terms related to general and applied planning, development regulations, land use theory, comprehensive planning and zoning requirements;

Working knowledge of research techniques;

Working knowledge of demographics, population forecasting, housing, land use, and traffic studies;

Working knowledge of math skills including statistical analysis;

Working knowledge of principles, practices and operation of Geographic Information Systems and ArcView in particular;

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and PowerPoint;

Must have especially strong professional writing skills for writing reports, and other communication;

Must be able to work proactively and independently with limited oversight;

Ability to read and interpret plans;

Ability to interpret and effectively explain relevant standards and problems with site, landscape and architectural plans to others;

Principles and terms related to general and applied planning, development regulations, land use theory, transportation planning, comprehensive planning, demographics, housing, multi-modal transportation and traffic studies;

Principles, practices and operation of Geographic Information Systems and ArcView in particular;

Microsoft Office Suite applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, and PowerPoint;

Must have exceptional organizational skills and the ability to effectively establish priorities and complete multiple, competing and time-dependent projects with superior attention to detail;

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Department personnel, City officials, official of other public agencies, and the general public;

Integrity in the performance of assigned tasks;

Must be able to provide exceptional customer service and outstanding professionalism;

Must be capable of operating vehicles safely and have an acceptable driving record;

Must have excellent writing and research skills; have a strong attention to detail; be a persuasive speaker; be even- tempered, fair; and be committed to the American Institute of Certified Planning Code of Ethics.

Must hold a valid Driver’s License and have a safe driving record.

Work Environment and Physical Demands:
The work environment may include inside conditions, outdoor weather conditions, and extreme temperatures, in wet and humid conditions, with areas of dust, odors, mist, gases or other airborne matter;

Conditions may involve hazards associated with all conditions at construction sites for new and existing buildings in varying stages of completion: heavy equipment, falling hazards, open excavations and temporary safety installations.

Travel Requirements:
Local travel is required using City-owned vehicles. Travel outside the region is occasionally required.

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