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Current Employment Opportunities with the City of Meridian:

Job Title: Building Inspector II
Department: Community Development
Reports To: Building Inspection Supervisor
Open Date: June 24, 2024
Close Date: Open Until Filled
Salary: $28.57 per hour

Job Summary:
Performs detailed building inspections for all types of residential and commercial (minor and major) construction projects that have received a building permit in the City of Meridian. Responsible for verifying that buildings in the process of construction meet current adopted building codes, all current codified or ordained codes, specifications, and plan requirements. Works independently in the field and is responsible for exercising higher-level technical judgment and discretion based on extensive knowledge of the various ordinances, codes and regulations which the employee is responsible for enforcing. Provide notices to the permit holder and the City of any violations and order correction of any such violation. The Building Inspector II is distinguished from other levels by providing training for subordinate inspectors and trainees, and requires high-level Residential and Commercial Building Code technical judgment and discretion based on advanced professional knowledge and experience.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
In the absence of the Building Inspection Supervisor; employee in this position may plan, schedule, and coordinates/directs the Building Services Inspection staff tasked with ensuring construction projects comply with adopted building codes and local ordinances;

Provides field and office training for Level I inspectors. Conducts observational inspections with Level I inspectors and assists in resolving the most complex residential and commercial code issues;

Work directly with Commercial Project Manager on complex and high-profile commercial projects within the City;

Work with Building Inspection Supervisor and/or Building Official to develop SOP’s for inspection division;

Performs inspections for all Commercial Occupancy groups (Assembly, Business, Educational, Factory, Industrial, High Hazard, Institutional, Mercantile, Residential, Storage, Utility and Miscellaneous), as regulated by the International Building Code (IBC), in addition to One-and Two-Family Dwellings regulated by the International Residential Code (IRC);

Performs inspections for all five construction classifications for types of construction which include fire-resistant ratings of the principal structural elements. These include Type I construction (highest fire-resistance ratings for structural elements) to Type V construction (least amount of fire-resistance-rated structural elements) combustible type of construction;

Conducts complex inspections for Commercial buildings that may include fire-resistant ratings for: Exterior walls, Fire walls, Fire Barriers, Fire Partitions, Smoke Barriers, Smoke Partitions, Floor and Roof Assemblies, and Fire-resistant Joint Systems;

Verifies through inspection that Interior Finishes and Materials, such as trim or decorative materials, conform to the flame spread index limitations, heat release and flashover limitations, and flame propagation limitations of the Commercial Code;

Assist Fire Construction Inspection personnel with verifying that the overall installation of the fire protection systems of a building or structure are in compliance with Chapter Nine (Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems) of the Commercial Building Code;

Performs inspections for the minimum requirements for the means of egress in all buildings and structures and determine a safe exiting system for all Commercial occupancies. This includes general means of egress requirements; occupant loads; means of egress sizing; the number of exits, exit access doorways and their configuration; illumination for the means of egress; specific requirements for accessible means of egress; doors, gates and turnstiles; provisions for stairways and ramps along with their associated handrail and guard requirements; and exit signage;

Verify and inspect the requirements for accessibility of buildings and their associated sites and facilities for people with physical disabilities per the Commercial Building Code and the referenced ICC/ANSI A117.1;

Inspect the minimum Commercial code requirements for the interior environment of buildings. This includes the size of spaces, light, ventilation and noise intrusion to which any occupant may be exposed;

Perform inspections for the construction of buildings for energy efficiency. This includes the energy efficiency of building envelopes, installation of energy efficient mechanical, service water heating, electrical distribution, illumination systems and equipment for the effective use of energy in both residential and commercial buildings;

Inspect the minimum requirements for the materials and construction used for Exterior Walls, Roof Assemblies and Rooftop Structures, Concrete, Steel, Wood, Glass and Glazing, Gypsum Board, and Plastic meet compliance with the Commercial Building Code;

Verifies Special Inspections and Tests, and ensure structural observations and load testing meet minimum quality standards of the Commercial Building Code;

Performs all data entry for inspections in the City software;

Recommends temporary and certificate of occupancy approvals;

Conduct and coordinate field investigations to identify possible violations of State building codes or City codes and posts Stop Work and Not Approved for Use & Occupancy notices after collaboration with the Building Inspection Supervisor and the Building Official;

Performs “AM/PM” inspection requests as determined necessary by management;

Verifies structures under construction are in compliance with city-reviewed and approved construction documents;

Inspects all structures in the process of construction or renovation, starting with soil conditions for footings, foundations and placing footings;

Performs structural framing inspections of floors, walls and roof systems ending with the final inspection approval of the building for compliance with currently adopted building codes and city ordinances;

Performs additional inspections as needed or requested by the Building Official;

Inspects structures for energy code compliance with the currently adopted International Energy Conservation Code;

Records detailed notes and inspection information through City software and field hardware during each inspection;

Collaborates with the Building Inspection Supervisor and Building Official for Stop Work or Not Approved for Use or Occupancy postings;

Verify that all special inspection reports have been received and meet or exceed minimum code requirements before final inspection is passed in department permit software; Interprets building code provisions to verify code compliance;

Inspects conditions of buildings prior to issuance of certificate of occupancy;

Verifies project valuations and field changes/scope change for correctness prior to issuance of certificate of occupancy;

Coordinates and verifies final approval of all other trades, all jurisdictional ordinances and life safety provisions of the building codes;

Reviews and processes all deferred plan submittals;

Documents inspections and field plan review modifications and any other code provisions that need to be corrected in department permit tracking software;

Serves as primary point of contact in the field to facilitate, conduct and manage project scope from permit issuance to completion;

Collaborates with the Building Inspection Supervisor and Building Official and other city personnel to confirm final project approvals before issuing certificate of occupancy;

Attends code training and code update seminars to stay current with code changes through the International Code Council (ICC);

Maintains continuing education units for International Code Council certifications;

Directly responsible to close all aging inspections and expired permits as identified in the City permit tracking database;

Handles sensitive and delicate situations with a high degree of confidentiality and in a courteous, professional, and timely manner;

Prioritizes and organizes own work to meet deadlines;

Works independently and under the direction of the Building Inspection Supervisor;

Operate office equipment, e.g., photocopier, facsimile machine;

Perform general office duties like document scanning and other administrative tasks associated with the position;

Performs other duties as assigned.

Job Specifications:
High School Diploma or GED required;

One to three years prior experience as a building inspector is required;

ICC Certified Building Plans Examiner desired;

ICC Accessibility Inspector desired.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Must be able to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the public in a professional and positive manner;

Must display an attitude of cooperation and work harmoniously with all levels of City employees, the general public and other organizations;

Ability to perform superior project management skills between multiple divisions and agencies to achieve final approval of construction projects; advanced skill in critical decision making, negotiating and diplomacy;

Ability to communicate effectively with people who are angry, hostile or confused; maintain composure and exercise sound judgment in adverse conditions;

Must be able to work independently with limited oversight from supervisor to complete assignments in a timely fashion;

Ability to read and interpret building plans; develop innovative and equitable solutions to complicated code issues;

Ability to interpret and effectively explain residential and commercial building code requirements, relevant standards and problems with architectural and structural plans to other city staff, owners, contractors, building tenants and designers;

Must be able to operate City required software including word processing, permit tracking, email and internet related programs;

Must be capable of operating vehicles safely and have an acceptable driving record;

Must possess current word processing, database, email, and internet computer software application knowledge;

Must have knowledge of the International Residential Code (IRC); International Building Code (IBC);

International Energy Conservation Code (IECC, ANSI A117.1, International Fire Code (IFC);

Must have knowledge of local ordinance amendments and codes; construction materials and properties;
construction trade and common practices; time management principles and advanced customer service principles.

Licensing and Certifications:
Must possess and maintain a valid Idaho driver’s license and have a safe driving record;

Must possess International Code Council (ICC) certifications as a Residential Building Inspector at time of hire;

Commercial Building Inspector is desirable at the time of hire, required within 6 months of employment;

(ICC) Commercial and Residential Energy Inspector certifications and (ICC) Accessibility Inspector are desirable at time of hire.

Work Environment & Physical Demands:
The work environment will include inside conditions, outdoor weather conditions, and extreme temperatures, in wet and humid conditions, with areas of dust, odors, mist, gases or other airborne matter;

Employees work in/at heights, confined spaces and are exposed to mechanical, electrical hazards;

Hazards associated with all conditions at construction sites for new and existing buildings in varying stages of completion: heavy equipment, falling hazards, open excavations and temporary safety installations;

Lifting/carrying up to 10 lbs., occasionally lifting/carrying up to 35 lbs.;

Pushing/pulling up to 10 lbs., occasionally pushing/pulling up to 35 lbs.;

Sensory ability to talk, hear, touch and feel;

Employees will sit, stand, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, reach, grasp, climb and balance;

Position requires hand/finger dexterity.

Travel Requirements:
Local travel is required using city-owned vehicles.

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