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Current Employment Opportunities with the City of Meridian:

Job Title: Community Service Officer
Department: Police
Reports To: Patrol Sergeant
Open Date: December 27, 2019
Close Date: Open Until Filled
Hiring Salary: $19.00 - $24.27 per hour, DOE
Salary Range: $19.00 - $28.49 per hour, DOE

Job Summary: The primary function of a Community Service Officer is directed towards service to, and interaction with, the public and the community of Meridian City. An employee in this class functions under general supervision and must exercise some latitude of discretion in relation to the performance of duties, while maintaining professional integrity and adhering to department policy and procedure, the law enforcement code and canons of ethics, all applicable laws, and the provisions of the Idaho State and United States Constitutions. The Community Service Officer responds to calls for service and writes police reports for criminal and non-criminal incidents. The work can involve an element of personal danger and an employee in this class must be able to react quickly and appropriately in emergency situations.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
Works as part of a police patrol team functioning in a support role as needed;

Enforces Meridian City Ordinances;

Issues warnings or citations for parking offenses and or abandoned vehicles;

Responds to a wide variety of calls for service throughout the city from citizens who are crime victims and officers who require assistance at a crime scene;

Responds to cold calls for service such as thefts, vandalisms, burglaries, frauds etc.

Responds to scenes in person or by phone to meet with victims and conduct fact finding interviews and or investigations;

Collects evidence and processes basic crime scenes for patrol and detectives as needed;

Writes clear and concise investigative reports critical to legal and court proceedings;

Uses a variety of data bases to gather information;

Determines what type of crime, if any, has occurred;

Articulates the elements of each crime in written form for charging documents/reports submitted for review, approval or follow-up, filing or prosecution;

Retrieves, transports, and books found property such as bicycles;

Deploys traffic radar trailer as needed;

Attends court under subpoena and provides court testimony under oath regarding their knowledge or actions in a case;

Patrols specific area(s);

Assists with traffic control, crowd control and or parking control at City special events;

Attends training and meetings as needed;

Attends briefings with patrol teams;

Delivers administrative messages;

Assist detectives with pawn shop property seizures;

Performs other duties as assigned;

Must display an attitude of cooperation, positivity, problem solving and the ability to work well with others;

Job Specifications:
Must meet a minimum of 60 semester credits from an accredited university or college, or four years active duty military with an honorable discharge;

Must adhere to the law enforcement code and canon of ethics;

Willing to enforce and abide by the provisions of the Idaho and United States Constitutions and the duly enacted laws of each, as well as the ordinances of the City of Meridian;

No felony convictions;

No drug use in last five (5) years;

No misdemeanor or convictions within the last five (5) years;

At least two (2) year’s work experience after high school graduation; preferably in State, County or Local Government;

Must have a valid driver’s license.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Ability to make sound judgments and to draw appropriate conclusions from facts and evidence available;

Willingness to learn and an ability to apply experience and knowledge;

Ability to work in a team environment as a team player;

Ability to follow orders, directives, and suggestions;

Ability to follow established departmental procedures and/or practices;

Ability to establish priorities and organize workload;

Ability to communicate effectively with others;

Ability to multi-task;

Ability to develop and use empathetic listening skills;

Ability to write in a concise, but detailed and objective manner, utilizing first person narration;

Ability to articulate detailed information, facts, and circumstances for narrative testimonial purposes;

Ability to deal with a wide range of individuals;

Must successfully complete department field training program;

Must successfully complete six (6) months introductory period from time of appointment;

Must display an attitude of cooperation and the ability to work well with others.

Work Environment and Physical Demands:
Work is primarily performed outside of an office environment, in varying weather and times, as the duties are performed in scheduled and rotating ten hour shifts;

Requires personal mobility and physical reflexes which allow the employee to: operate a motor vehicle; use tools (baton, OC, radios, etc.); collect evidence, and other physical duties as maybe needed given varied circumstances;

Requires the wearing of a uniform with specific equipment: baton; OC, radio; and a protective ballistic vest. The belt and accessories can weigh up to five pounds or more and the ballistic vest is worn in hot and cold weather conditions;

An employee in this position may work in excess of ten hours in a shift or a given day;

There is some potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals, domestic animals, wild animals, bio-hazards while performing the duties of this position;

The operation of a motor vehicle requires the wearing of seat belts while operating.

Travel Requirements:
Local travel is required for court appearances;

Some in state and out of state travel for training purposes.